825 Days – 260 Weeks – 60 Months – 5 Years


May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

Today is the eve of the 5th May that I’ve been different. When I was sixteen, I was shoved into a black hole of chronic illness, and each year since I’ve been desperately clawing my way out. In some ways, this time has passed quickly, as all time seems to do. But back in the years that I held on to normality by a thread, the time seemed to barely move.

The days were terrible. The hours ticked by when I was awake and alone. The nights were terrible. As my fellow Lymies know – there’s not much sleeping going on at night. As exhausted as I felt, my body felt jittery and my brain buzzed all the time. Between not sleeping and feeling like my insides were plugged into an electric socket, there was the stupor that I was in most of the time. Teenagers who spend 95% of their life at home in bed don’t have much of a social life.

Thinking of that sick, tired and lonely girl makes my heart hurt.

It scares me to think about how I used to be. I worry that I will regress, but at this moment I estimate that I am 60-75% recovered. I’m doing things that a few years ago I never would have dreamed!

I am resilient; I am strong; I am determined; I am willing to work even harder each day than the day before; and I am grateful to my God for answering my prayers to allow me to do so.

Late-stage Lyme patients, like me, are forever changed. I can never again live life without considering the consequences of the smallest actions… I will never be able to eat without thought or care; stay up too late; live without planning my time to the smallest detail to allow for unexpected bad hours or days; shop and buy food or products without studying the origin or ingredients; travel without my kit of emergency supplies to treat hives, allergies, bites, sleeplessness, headaches, constipation/diarrhea, or any other of my numerous issues known to pop up at the worst times. I worry about being able to have children, and if I do have them, I worry that I won’t be able to take care of them. I have to be sure the air I breathe is free of allergens and molds and fragrances, and I should never drink caffeine or alcohol. Compared to other 22-year-olds, I’m a party pooper (most of the time). HOWEVER… I AM LIVING LIFE AND I AM GRATEFUL.

If you are new to this world of chronic illness and are deep in the depths of your black hole, your time will pass also. I remember reading about people who worked for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years to get well, and this seemed IMPOSSIBLE to me! How could I live the way I was for that long??? Well, you can – you will – you must. Time will pass and it may as well pass with your brain believing that one day, you too will claw your way out of the darkness, back into life. Life will be changed, but you will be glad of it – goodness and mercy will follow you into a life full of meaning and purpose.

If you are an outsider to this sick world so many of us live in, thank you for taking the time to take a look inside ours. It’s different – sad and scary, but the happy moments bring us the most pure kind of joy that I would bet most “healthy” people don’t ever experience. Thank you for your empathy, but mostly, thank you for educating yourself and spreading the word to others who may need it. The Lyme life is a lonely one, and every healthy person made aware can hopefully do a little something to help ease that feeling for someone who needs it.

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

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Summer 2018


Hello All –

For those of you just joining me, I have been using my AmpCoil for exactly one year.  I became very sick 4 ½ years ago (age 16) and visited 32 doctors and specialists on my quest for a diagnosis and proper treatment.  Thanks to Dr. Alicia Hollis, an integrative medicine physician in Roanoke, Virginia, two years ago I was finally put on a path to wellness after learning that I suffered from Post-Sepsis Syndrome… aka late stage chronic Lyme disease.  After six months of herbal treatment with no noticeable improvement, I became a patient at the Jemsek Specialty Clinic and began following Dr. Jemsek’s long-term antibiotic, antiviral and antiparasitic treatment.  From August 2017 to April 2018, I used the “traditional” Western medical protocol of Dr. Jemsek in conjunction with AmpCoil, Reiki, and chiropractic care, all with Dr. Hollis’ continued guidance.  Since April 2018, AmpCoil has become my main treatment, supplemented with Reiki and chiropractor visits.


Not so great news first: at this very moment, I am not feeling well – I have my “sick” glasses on for my headache; I’m feeling fluish; and I’m so very bloated… but stay with me… there is good news too!  Although my focus each and every day remains my health, I am no longer so sick that I am stuck in bed or on the sofa for weeks and months on end. God’s light is shining on me and I have happy thoughts of the future!

Here comes the good news!

I just returned from my second foreign excursion and wanted to give you a little update on how I survived without my AmpCoil on my latest month-long trip…

My boyfriend, Dan is now an official graduate of Berklee College of Music with his Masters in Contemporary Music Performance. I was so happy to be able to travel to Spain to watch him walk across the stage to receive his diploma.


From Valencia, we made our way to Gran Canaria and Tenerife of the Canary Islands. Our adventures included lots of beautiful sightseeing, gorgeous beach trips, and incredible food. I did not stick to my fruits and vegetables only diet while I was in Spain, and my bathroom scale can definitely tell… OOPS! But I tell you what, it was 100% worth it!

Does all of this sound like something a sick person could do???

Dan and I then traveled from Tenerife back to Valencia to practically pack his entire life into two suitcases in preparation to go back to the States.  Before leaving Europe, we made a stopover in Lisbon, Portugal.  A lot more sightseeing and food eating ensued… Incredible memories were made.


Toward the end of our trip, I began to notice the effects of not having my AmpCoil. I started getting headaches; a few small hives popped up here and there; I had spells of complete exhaustion; and the dreaded clammy and flu-like feeling returned. Although the fluish feeling especially sucked, none of the symptoms were ANYTHING compared to what I used to feel like daily. I could just tell my body was craving my AmpCoil… the same way I crave Chick-Fil-A on Sundays. You want it SOOO badly, but you know you can’t have it!


There were many moments during our trip that I had to pinch myself – not only because I was in a beautiful foreign country with the love of my life, but because I was doing things I never believed would be possible for me to do again!  I walked and walked (up hills!); I enjoyed time out with friends; I had too much to drink at times; I swam; I ate some gluten; I went to the beach!!!  A successful day during some of my darkest days would mean that I successfully got dressed… but on this trip I did so many things all in one day!!!


I remember saying to Dan multiple times, “I can’t believe I’m able to do this,” and each time, I had to hold back tears of disbelief.  Not too long ago I was physically unable to lift my head and had hardly any hope for the future. All of that has changed.        Thank you, AmpCoil.

Now that we’re back in the U.S., Dan and I are running around like crazy until October to multiple music festivals, family gatherings, and other commitments.  One of our most exciting upcoming adventures is the AmpCoil Summit in Lake Tahoe, California! Dan and I are so excited to learn even more about what AmpCoil can do for us, and I can’t wait to come home and share my knowledge with all those who have taken the same step as me and have put all their faith into this machine.


The AmpCoil is changing lives.

If you’re thinking of buying one, I advise you to pray about it. Ask questions. Reach out to those who may have the answers you’re looking for.

If my blog helps you decide to buy an AmpCoil, please tell the company my blog influenced your decision.   I would love to someday be a part of this amazing group of people, and hopefully my words and dedication to AmpCoil will help me reach that goal.  I decided long ago that my years of sickness would not be in vain.  I want to help as many people as possible who are in the frightening place (where I once was) find the path to health in a much more streamlined way than I did.  Once my family discovered the blessing of AmpCoil, it seemed that documenting my journey to wellness could be a way I could ease the pain of others on the same journey.  I’ve been in the dark place where some of you are now, and I’m climbing out, slowly but surely.


Let’s all work together on our path to wellness.

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Avery officially takes over “Lyme Life Revealed”

IMG_4111 Hi – my name is Avery Davis, and I, along with my mother Angela, am the initiator, creator, designer, founder, and architect of this blog and Instagram page “Lyme Life Revealed”. My mother and I together are a force to be reckoned with.. but do you know what else is?

Lyme Disease.

My rock of a mother has been there for me every step of the way through this obstacle course called “My Life” – The two of us decided that we wanted to share my story to let other Lymies, spoonies, and freaks of nature out there know that they are not alone. My body is fucked up too… So let’s get through this crazy life together.


When Lyme Life Revealed debuted, I had a hard time posting for myself. My mom took the initiative to post and put our thoughts together to inform others on my life. My trials, tribulations and experiments related to my health are all things my mom and I both thought others could learn from… especially those in the Lyme community.
It is with great honor that I come to you, un-edited and un-censored, as Avery Ellen Davis – That crazy girl who says she’s sick but doesn’t look it, mostly lays on the couch, watches shit TV, and does her very best to not disappoint her very conservative father…. but with my personality and potty mouth, that usually backfires 😉

So first off.. let me tell you a little bit about myself.


I am 20 years old. I live at home in Southwest Virginia with my very loving and supportive family.

I have an adorable dog and a very loving cat

(but as you can tell, she is not the biggest fan of fidget spinners….)


 I also have a boyfriend who is currently living in Valencia, Spain getting his Masters at Berklee College of Music.

I’m a very lighthearted, easy going person who lives to laugh, love, and listen to bluegrass music. I’ve been told that I’m the go-to person for a good laugh and if any advice is needed, I’ll give it to ya straight!


Yes, I look healthy.
Yes, I act like I’m not sick.
But guess what…

I’m not healthy… and I am sick.

I started my AmpCoil journey almost 3 months ago. They say that after 3 months, you’ll have a story to tell. I have noticed changes, but I don’t want to jinx anything….. I have a good feeling though. I really do!

I’m so excited for the next blog post to see what all I have to write about! The AmpCoil is going to do big things for not only me, but anyone who uses it!



I have just finished up my third 3 month Jemsek antibiotic protocol. It was a Babesia regimen (co-infection of Lyme disease) and I tell you what… It kicked my ass.  The effects of Babesia treatment reflect the same symptoms that I’ve had coming and going for years.  What makes things so hard is that when the medicines attack the Babesia, all the symptoms come at once:

  • lots of allergic reactions
  • ends of hair so dry it’s breaking off
  • roots of hair so oily that shampoo won’t even clean it (what do you do when the ends are dry and the roots are oily?)
  • hair loss in general
  • bad breath
  • bowel issues
  • itchy eyes
  • extremely overheated
  • returned TMJ pain
  • headaches and migraines
  • metallic taste in mouth so strong I can’t eat or drink
  • drenching sweats
  • body odor
  • proof of parasites

I go back to Jemsek November 2nd for my fourth appointment. I’m anxious to see what they’ll say.

Whether they think I can stop long term antibiotics or not, I’m going to take a break from treatment for now. I not only have a trip to Spain planned over Christmas, but I also am really interested to see what the AmpCoil will do while I’m off of the medicines that suck the little bit of life I had left out of me.

I’m praying the AmpCoil changes my life.
I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I’m one to worry about the future. I have to tell myself that everything is going to work out just fine in the end, but it’s also hard for me to stay positive sometimes.
I long for a “normal” life…
To be married to a loving husband, have beautiful, healthy kids… to be able to hold down a job while also going to bluegrass festivals and playing music every chance I get… but right now, I have a difficult time even taking a shower, let alone raising children……..                                                        *team dry shampoo all the way*

I hope to connect with you… whether you’re sick or healthy, young or old, wild and rambunctious, or calm and quiet.

Us Lymies gotta stick together!!!

In the past 3 years and 10 months, Lyme has tried to take away my happiness.
Thankfully, I come from a line of stubborn kin who don’t take no for an answer. Join me in my fight of taking back my life.

I look forward to taking over this blog and sharing more of my life and health journey with you guys.

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– Avery Davis

Week 3 of Coiling



So what is an AmpCoil?  According to the literature provided, the AmpCoil utilizes sound transmission technology to listen to the messages from your body through voice stress analysis.  The Better Guide App (preloaded on the tablet supplied with the AmpCoil) uses its extensive mathematical algorithms to play back your chosen frequency tunes through a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) process and a modified tesla coil, similar to a high powered tuning fork for your body.

It’s been almost three weeks of using the AmpCoil and we are all getting into a routine.  Avery is able to coil during the day, so the other three of us take an hour early in the morning, or one after the other in the evenings.  Each Cleanse Journey is an hour long, so fitting everyone in has been the only struggle with this process!

Everyone wants to know if we are seeing results.  This is hard for me to answer, mostly because I am so hopeful to see obvious results myself!  AmpCoil states that if you coil 4-5 times per week for 90 days (ideally using the Cleansing Journeys), you will have a story to tell.   4-5 Cleanse Journeys a week is what we have been doing, so November 2017 will hold our story.  Although we have time to wait for this, I will explain what I have noted thus far in our coiling adventures…

“Journeys” used to date:

  • Herx Help
  • Balance the Mind
  • Relax All
  • Digest Ease
  • Headache Help
  • Higher Self
  • Positivity
  • Common Cold (Head)
  • Common Cold (Chest)
  • Cleanse

I used the Headache Help one recent afternoon.  What began as a twinge at my desk morphed into a full-fledged headache. I thought about grabbing some ibuprofen from the office bathroom and ignoring the pain before remembering that perhaps the AmpCoil could help.  I went home and spent the next hour with the yellow circle perched on the crown of my head… if nothing else, it was nice to just sit still and relax for an hour.  My headache was somewhat calmed upon completion of the Headache Help Journey, although not gone.  I returned to work, and realized when I left at the end of the afternoon that I had not thought about my headache at all the rest of the day… it had quietly dissipated.  Was it the AmpCoil? Maybe.

Our son, B, has had two instances of cold symptoms since starting back to school a month ago.  The first came up on a Thursday night and was just a stuffy nose.  By Friday morning, he sounded awful and felt worse.  As a good mom would, I gave him 2 Tylenol and sent him to school!  At the end of the school day, Avery recounted how he came in the front door, entered the family room and grabbed a couple pillows, threw them on the floor and collapsed face first on them.  He slept until I got home from work and then I started him on the Common Cold (Head) Journey.  This journey is supposed to be used for 3 consecutive days even if the cold symptoms improve or go away.  By the 3rd day, he was fighting me forcing him to sit still to complete the process.  Either the cold was short, or the AmpCoil shortened it.

About 10 days later, B started coughing.  Again, I ignored it for a couple days, but when it got too ugly to ignore, I put him on the Common Cold (chest) Journey.  After 2 days, the cough had quieted to one that was again easy to ignore.  He did not complete the recommended 3 days as he is the hardest one in the family to nail down to the couch… mostly due to the fact that you can’t have electronics within 4 feet of the coil – i.e. cell phones!  However, the cough quietly went away.

Avery has been the recipient of the other Journeys used to this point.  She uses the Herx Help on days when she is feeling especially fluish and funky. I’ve run the Balance the Mind, Relax All, Higher Self and Digest Ease Journeys for her benefit as well; all of these are feel good programs that are supportive to the work she has been doing each day using the Cleanse Journey.  I played the Positivity Journey for Avery one evening when she was particularly worked up emotionally… maybe it was a placebo effect, or maybe not, but I noticed a dramatic shift in her mental state in a very short time.

meds 9-11-17

During the past three weeks, Avery has continued taking her medication as prescribed by Jemsek Specialty Clinic.  The current protocol is targeted toward fighting Babesia, a common protozoan Lyme coinfection.  The anti-parasite and anti-fungal medication, Mepron, and the anti-protozoal drug, Artemisinin, cause ugly side effects.  In Avery’s case, nausea, a seasick-like wooziness in her head, and fluish cold and hot sweats is what she has mostly experienced, causing her to spend full days sick on the family room sofa (we need a new one!!!).  We would honestly like to quit all medications and depend solely on the AmpCoil and other natural healing methods to overcome the disease, but after discussing this option amongst ourselves, we feel that Avery has come too far and invested too much sweat equity to quit at this time.  Avery personally has a gut feeling that what we are doing right now is the right thing, so we will go with the gut.  Despite the medication side effects, we have experienced a few hours of pretend normality here and there…

We are going to continue the current medication protocol through our early November appointment and reevaluate at that time.  The two pictures above seem so happy, and they are; but they are two days of living through pain in order to live “normally”.  What the pictures don’t document is the time that transpired between those two days and afterwards – days of Avery not being able move due to the sickness and pain caused by pushing her body too far.

Earthing logo

Besides coiling, everyone in our family has begun to use grounding sheets by Earthing. These are fitted sheets for our beds that connect by a small wire to the grounding plug in an outlet (the 3rd hole).  The premise behind this scientific theory is that the Earth is a powerful source of energy and healing, like a huge battery.  It is constantly being recharged by solar energy, and the natural pulses of the Earth keep living things running in balance.  Modern man is disconnected from the Earth – we are usually inside, and even when outside, our shoes most often act as insulators to the energy emanating from the ground.  Earthing or grounding theoretically calms inflammation in our bodies by transferring negatively-charged electrons from the surface of the Earth to the body where they neutralize positively-charged free radicals involved in chronic inflammation. The Earth’s energy is thought to be the best antioxidant out there – all we have to do is connect to it, either by direct contact with the ground or by using grounding products.

Earthing Starter Kit

Someone Avery met at Reiki (energy!!!) advised her to use a grounding sheet on her bed.  After reading up on the benefits of grounding, I decided this was another product that could benefit the whole family.  I hope that by grounding, everyone can achieve more restful sleep, and that it will help Bev’s knee pain and speed my recovery times after long runs. We have been using the sheets for 2 weeks and I have NEVER SLEPT BETTER.  I’m a good sleeper anyway, but I always get up at least once and usually 2 or 3 times to go to the bathroom during the night.  I sleep through the night now.  Besides enjoying restful sleep, I am loving the dreams I’ve been having – they are extremely vivid.  Everyone else seems to be sleeping well too, even Bev who is a terrible sleeper.  I’m still waiting to determine if the sheet is helping with Bev’s knee… I feel like I haven’t heard as many complaints, but I’m not sure.

Thanks for keeping up with us – we love you and appreciate the support.  If you don’t follow us already on Instagram (@lymeliferevealed), check out the posts on the side of our blog!