There Is Hope

Don’t worry guys, I’m alive!

I’m so sorry I haven’t been as active as I used to be! Lyme Life Revealed started as a way to spread awareness of my Lyme journey and how I was treating my case of the debilitating disease. When I started this page, I was on what I believed (and still believe) was my death bed. I was prepared to continue to live out the rest of my life in that miserable state, but thanks to my mother, we kept searching for answers until one was found. As you all know, I have been religiously using an AmpCoil for about 1 ½ years now and swear by it. I no longer take Lyme medications that make me feel worse than I already did. I no longer go to doctors begging them to put a port in my chest thinking a million combinations of IV antibiotics will do the trick.

I am currently taking 4 daily pills compared to the 50-some I used to force down.

My progress is real.

This used to be my day – Morning, Noon and Night.  No longer do I have this struggle. I now take only 4 pills. 

From being on my death bed at 17 years old and 100% reliant on everyone around me for the smallest of tasks, I have done a complete 180. I am currently moved out and living with my fiancé, Daniel, preparing him to ship off to boot camp as he is now a US Navy musician. I have a normal daily routine, am physically capable of working out, and have been able to actually make plans knowing that even if I’m not having my best day, I’m well enough to do whatever I need to – these are all dreams I had given up years ago. Dan are I are super excited for this amazing new opportunity with the Navy and are ready to go wherever the military wind blows us!



Engraved inside my engagement ring is the day of our first date to infinity. Dan made everything about our engagement extra special!

2 years ago, I would’ve thought you were crazy if you told me that this is what my life was going to look like.

All I used to wish for was just 1 decent day a month. 1 day.

That’s what I had limited myself to.

I take that back – that’s what LYME had limited me to.

I took my life back by using the AmpCoil and I’m here to remind you that you can too.


To AmpCoil owners out there reading this, here are a few of my tips and tricks:

• If you’re new to the machine, start with the 30-day detox. I run my volume on medium, but depending on your sensitivity, you may need your volume on low. You never really need to run anything on high. It can be too much on your body. Imagine putting your headphones in at the highest volume. Instead of your body enjoying the music, you end up hurting your ears. Run one of the 30 steps a day. If one of the steps (ex. Airways) makes you herx, run it again the next day. My motto is: if you feel like shit, something is being fixed… but take it low and slow… if you herx, take a break.

• I run a cleanse at least 2 times a week. You can either run your top hits that come up from your Voice Analysis, or choose an existing problem you already know of from the A-Z Library- (ex. Parasites)

• On days you aren’t running a cleanse, run something helpful. My go-tos are both Organ and Nutrition Tune Up, Demo Harmonizer, Positivity, and Balance the Mind.

• I’ve also learned that running Immune Boost once a week is always a good thing. Doing it more than once can be too much, so just dedicate a day to run it. Immune Boost has helped me SO much this flu and cold season.

My biggest accomplishment since my last post has been perfecting our salmon recipe and it is now our go-to healthy dinner!

Again, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much as before. I wanted to make a post today to let everyone know that I’ve been in your shoes. It’s the worst possible feeling in the world. But guess what, you are a resilient chronic illness warrior. No one can take your strength away from you.

I know we all say we have “good days” and “bad days” – but I’m here to tell you that every day you stay strong and positive is a good day. No matter what.

As I sit here and write this, I’m in awe of how much my life has changed.

There’s hope for everyone. Even you.

The Davis family with our official new addition of Dan!



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