Mom’s AmpCoil Update

A little over a year has passed since beginning to document Avery’s path to wellness using AmpCoil, and I write this entry on her behalf with a heart full of gratitude.


Avery and her boyfriend, Dan, are currently attending the 2nd Annual AmpCoil Summit in Lake Tahoe. I so badly wanted to be a part of last year’s Summit, but I could not justify the extra expense as we had only just invested in an AmpCoil and I didn’t yet know if coiling was going to be the Godsend for which I had prayed.

We were not going to miss the Summit this year and plans werellr2 made in May to attend… the only change being that I’m not needed anymore. After four years of anguish, toil and constant companionship with my housebound adult child, the cord has been cut. My grown girl has been stepping out of our cocoon of care and is taking care of herself. Dan is attending the Summit with Avery because he is more of her constant companion than I am. I’m thrilled, and in a weird way I’m sad. As terrible as these past years have been and as difficult as they were for our family to survive, the time Avery and I spent together gave me a friend that I hadn’t previously known existed. That being said… not having her home ALL of the time is a most lovely, freeing feeling! Avery and Dan are sure to learn so much this weekend, they will feel more a part of this CommUnity Circle of AmpCoil users, and will hopefully leave with a very positive mindset of continuing the upward trajectory of healing.

AmpCoil is a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) device that uses biofeedback voice analysis to customize the PEMF delivery through a modified Tesla coil. PEMF therapy is effective because it penetrates into cells and hollow organs and is able to cross the blood-brain barrier. AmpCoil is comfortable and noninvasive to use for people of all ages, and although costly upfront, I can attest to the fact that having an AmpCoil has reduced our medical expenses to almost nothing. The book PEMF – The Fifth Element of Health: Learn Why Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Supercharges Your Health Like Nothing Else! is a fabulous resource for PEMF information. The machine is used daily in our home – usually by more than one person, and sometimes by all four of us. I not only credit AmpCoil for the major improvement in Avery’s health, but for also keeping our son from succumbing to the same fate as his sister. Besides these HUGE achievements, our AmpCoil has performed in everyday life for us by having eased herxheimer reactions and headaches; enhanced our sleep; calmed our nerves and emotions; ceased colds and healed the flu; aided depression; improved our hair, skin and nails… the list can go on and on. AmpCoil has made us all feel generally healthier.

Avery’s path to wellness continues. She still has many issues needing improvement and sometimes I dwell on these things, but I remind myself to stop and think of how far she has come. All the many prescriptions have been eliminated and most of the doctors have been released; what remains to be done is an advancement of the rebuilding of her broken body once ravaged by spirochetes, parasites, molds and metals.

Avery continues to see Dr. Alicia Hollis, her integrative medicine doctor. She diagnosed Avery and is credited with pointing us in the right direction after years of searching for answers. Avery’s most recent labs prove what we already knew… her overall health is much better than it once was.  Since first seeing Dr. Hollis, several levels in Avery’s labs have been markers for us: cortisol (trends very high), ferritin (trends very low) & C4a (inflammation – trends very high)

August 2016 

Cortisol: 23.17 (2.3-11.9 normal)

Ferritin: 6.7 (13-150 normal)

C4a: 16275 (0-2830 normal)

August 2018 

Cortisol: 14.69 (2.47-11.9 normal)

Ferritin: 12.0 (13-150 normal)

C4a: 3617 (0-2830 normal)

As you can see, none of these numbers are yet normal, but we really like the direction they are heading!

Thank you, AmpCoil team for bringing happiness back to our home! It is impossible to fully express my gratitude.


~Angela Davis, Avery’s mom

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