Baby Steps

12 weeks post 18 months of antibiotics.  

10 months of coiling.  Where am I now?



Most days I do not feel fluish/feverish.

My pupils work normally (most of the time) by adjusting their size to the light.           For years prior, my pupils were always abnormally large which gave me excruciating headaches.

I have been able to exercise, which is HUGE. It used to be that I was not able to get off the couch and go to the bathroom. Being able to walk/jog 3 miles is an incredible accomplishment for me.

I haven’t had tremors.

I have experienced only one day of dizziness and vertigo.

My breath smells normal. (I’ve had some bad breath, guys…)

No mouth sores.

My face has been pretty clear.

My appetite has been fairly normal, I think… I used to go through cycles of feeling ravenous for months followed by never wanting to eat at all.

My bowels are WORKING!!! This is another thing that is so exciting. I’ve been constantly constipated for my whole life!!! hahahaha At least I’m able to laugh at my poop problems!

No nausea.

No dry lips or peeling skin around my nails.

My hair is very healthy and thick.

Needs Improvement:

I still have difficulty sleeping.

I have had some bouts of profuse day and nighttime sweats.

I’ve had a few headaches.

Allergies (seasonal and random sensitivities) are still a problem, although I have found that Harry’s razors are not hurting me like any of the others I’ve tried! (Unfortunately for those who venture too close to my legs or armpits, they find that I am allergic to all razors it seems! HA!)

I’ve had some emotional moments, but am hoping to start the process of tapering off of my anti-depressant soon which I have been on for 2+ years.

I’m still SO VERY TIRED.

Extreme bloating remains a problem.

I can’t lose any weight – even on my vegan diet with exercise.

So thankful that I’m no longer rocking a hospital gown on the regular.

In the past 2 ½ months, I’ve begun to live a little more.  It has been years since I’ve been able to make plans in advance, and I’ve been doing that!  I spent three May weekends traveling to see old friends, I’ve been working my Mountain Mermaid booth at several festivals, I’ve lined up some music gigs, and I have even been working at my aunt & uncle’s driving range!  I’ve worked up the stamina to walk three miles with my mom and I’ve been using weights and the elliptical machine at home to try to build my endurance.  Considering the fact that only a few months ago I struggled to walk any distance at all, I’ve been pretty proud of myself!


With all of these improvements, I should be very happy – and I am, but I’m not satisfied.  Currently my biggest problem is my extreme fatigue.  I’m so very tired… a heavy, overwhelming feeling that cannot be fought through.  A daily nap is non-negotiable, and sometimes my naps are hours long.  It’s been difficult to practice and prepare for my gigs between the new commitments I’ve made and my need for a nap.


My second biggest problem is my weight.  My mom and I were concerned that the weight gain may be due to a thyroid problem or related to the low estrogen birth control pill I take to keep my endometriosis in check.  (I had endometriosis excision surgery two years ago.)  I had an upcoming appointment with my gynecologist and asked that we check all my numbers beforehand – everything came back ok.  Because I have other symptoms of low estrogen besides weight gain and fatigue, my doctor did change my birth control pill to one with a slightly higher level, although he attributes my weight issue to my continued use of an anti-depressant and sleep aid.  I think he’s probably correct, and after giving my body some time to adjust to the new birth control, I plan to begin to taper off both the sleep aid and anti-depressant while using AmpCoil for support.

Here’s progress for ya – This is a picture of me after a 3 mile fast walk in 90 degree weather… The struggle was real, but all I could think about was all of that DETOX, BABY!!!

I HAVE COME A VERY LONG WAY.  There are still a lot of things that need to shift in my body in order to feel more like a human –  but when I look back to the very, very low place that I once was, I am amazed.  Because I am able to do so much more, my mom becomes disappointed and even afraid when I say that I don’t feel well.  Some days are better than others and we have to remind ourselves… baby steps are okay – these tiny steps are continuing to move me forward.

The first picture was taken 6 months ago. This is what I took every day – morning, afternoon and night. The picture on the right is what I take now. 6 months of straight AmpCoil healing does a lot! 

I head off to Spain again this week!  Please pray for my health while I am away from my AmpCoil for four weeks!!!  I’m am in a better place now than I was during my last trip in January, so I am hopeful that I will be able to fully and completely enjoy my time traveling with Dan.  I’m bringing him home with me for good at the end of July!  I know my healing journey will be able to continue once we are both back – my heart will be full and my AmpCoil will be by my side!

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