Psalm 73:26

I’ve been in a locked box for 4+ years. All I’ve ever wanted was to get out. I’ve scratched my fingers to the bone trying get a breath of fresh air rather than the rancid funk of Lyme Disease and its Co-infections.

So what happens when you’re stuck in a locked box for so long? 

It becomes all you know. 

You still try to get out, but you never 100% believe you actually will. 

So it becomes just a dream, something to keep your mind positive. 

“One day I’ll be better… One day.”

My spring allergies have been NOWHERE near as bad as they have been the past couple of years! I enjoyed working on this blog outside.

So I guess that “one day” has come. 


Last I posted, I had just quit medicine, had started eating extremely healthy, and spent every day coiling, coiling, coiling. 

I’m still doing all the these things and have even been well enough to want to get my heart rate up. Slow, easy, restorative yoga is my favorite. It’s enough to get my body moving and loose, and since my last post I have even done a yoga class where we were standing up and moving the whole time! Never did I EVER think that I would be able to do anything like that! I’ve spent multiple days out of the house running errands all day long; taken road trips on the weekends to visit friends; had the urge to take a shower, fix my hair and put makeup on for no reason other than “just because”; and have even begun to make future plans to go back to school.

My Reiki healer teaches an arial/restorative yoga/meditation class – It’s my new favorite!

I’m crying while typing this. 

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how the past few weeks have changed my outlook on life. 

I’m a VERY spiritual person and I whole heartedly believe that everything happens for a reason, good or bad. It makes us grow, become stronger mentally and physically, and prepares us for what God has in store for our future. He is not punishing us, He is preparing us. We must trust His plan, not our pain. 

My mother goes grocery shopping every Sunday and this is what the sink looks like the beginning of every week! Not only is it beautiful, it is a great motivator for the rest of the week!

Through this journey I have learned so much about myself and the world around me, and I hope that through my voice, whether in person or over the internet, I am able to make a difference in the Lyme and chronic illness community. All chronic illnesses are related and all are able to be helped by Ampcoil and Medical Medium.


Now that my box has been cracked open, I have slowly lifted my head, adjusted my eyes to the light, and prepared myself to take my first steps. I still feel that I am connected to a chain that can only go so far, but this chain length is so much more than I have had for years, and I am grateful for it.

My family’s Mother’s Day tradition is to go see a musical at our local theater. I’ve always loved doing this and it was the first time I’ve left and not had a headache!

Although I’m doing well, my biggest fear is waking up and finding that I’ve been thrown back in the box, the top slammed shut and pad locked. But I can’t live in fear. All I can do is keep taking care of myself and doing what I know helps, coiling, eating right, and moving. 

My favorite smoothies have a full helping of vegetables in them just to make them even more nutritious. I always add spinach and sometimes kale! If you’re weird about your vegetables, spinach in a smoothie has no taste and anything can be covered up by a banana or 2!

The other day I was on the phone with my boyfriend, Dan, and he asked me, “How has your day been?” I kind of stuttered before answering because I had never been able to answer that question so positively. “I’m doing really well. I’ve had a really good day.” My voice started to crack and Dan knew I was crying when he said, “What’s going on, babe? Talk to me…”

What I told him is exactly what I’ve written today. I’m just in a really good spot right now and I pray everyday that I continue to stay here. 

Was well enough to visit some great friends for the weekend! 

So I guess a dream I never thought would come true, has.

I’m doing well. 

I’m doing really well.

And one day, you will be too. 

“My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; He is mine forever.”

Psalm 73:26




2 thoughts on “Psalm 73:26”

  1. Hi – First of all great news to read that you are feeling better and better. I have a very similar story with Neuro Lyme. We recently purchased the ampcoil as well. We have had it for about a month and a half. I was advised to go through the detox steps first prior to beginning the cleansing journeys. As you know there are 30 steps in the detox program and if you here at a particular step you need to repeat that step 4X. Well I am only through about 10 steps as I have had to repeat 4 of the steps due to the herxing. I have seen some improvement which is great but I was hoping you would share with me if you did the detox or went right into the cleansing, if you saw some pretty intense herxing at times and what your timeline for improvement looked like? Thanks for responding – I know you can relate to the frustrations of the ups and downs of healing….



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    1. The ups and downs of healing are as frustrating as they come! I’m glad to hear you have gotten an AmpCoil though. In my opinion, that’s a huge step in the right direction!

      Going through the 30day detox is the BEST way to start. If you find yourself herxing on detox programs, throwing yourself right into cleansing is going to send your body overboard.
      Take your time going through them. For some people, the 30day detox ends up taking many months. Just listen to your body and follow your gut feeling.
      Also, don’t forget to run the herx help if you’re struggling. That journey is a personal life saver!

      Everyone’s timeline of healing is different. I think if I wouldn’t have been taking antibiotics at the same time as coiling I would’ve started the healing process faster, but because I didn’t, it took me longer. They say to give it 3 months, but I had to give it 5-6 before noticing changes.

      Patience is key.
      You’re doing the right thing.
      Stick with it!!

      Sending healing vibes,



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