“That’s It, I Quit, I’m Movin’ On” – Adele

My battle against “Lyme”, “Osp-A” or this “Immunosuppressive AIDS-like” disease has seen many ends of roads and turns onto new ones.  This is my most recent change of direction.


I’ve bombarded my body with poisons since February 2017… on April 9, 2018, I quit.  I had just spent two weeks with the love of my life and my extended family traveling, partying, relaxing in the sun, sightseeing, boating, visiting, dancing, and celebrating occasions – it was glorious!  My AmpCoil of course went with me everywhere, and I used those two weeks as a time to depend solely on its healing energy. (I was on a scheduled 2-week “off” period from meds).  I have been using the Coil to Cleanse for quite a while, but I also used other Journeys while traveling: Brain Reboot, Relax All, Demo-Harmonizer and Positivity were all helpful to me on the road.  As the vacation from the real world ended, I had a pit in my stomach knowing that I was headed home to the dreaded medicines that would again cause the overwhelming sickness and exhaustion that I’ve had on and off (mostly on) for the past year.  Just the thought of popping those pills gave me a literal urge to vomit. 


On Monday, April 9th, I took the first dose of my Round 3 Babesia Part B Protocol including Omnicef, Malarone, Bactrim, Artemisinin, Enula, Lactoferrin and Xylitol.  My body was instantly shocked.  The flu-like symptoms were back immediately:  severe bodyaches, headache, nausea, hot and cold chills, and horrible drenching sweats.  This one dose made me more sick than I’ve been in a very long time. It was a different kind of sick. Instead of knowing as I have the past year that despite being sick and miserable, taking this medicine was the right thing to do, it all changed and I honestly felt like this medicine was killing me from the inside out. I couldn’t take it anymore.  That day I decided that I was DONE.  I have come a very long way since beginning long-term antibiotic treatment with Dr. Jemsek, but this shock to my system just seemed so wrong.  My herxheimer reaction (or was it a poisoning?) lasted through the week.  By Tuesday night, my mom agreed with my decision, and the following day I had awoken to another sign that my body was just plain tired of being treated this way.  I had hives from the top of my head to my ankles… no big deal we thought – they won’t last!  Boy, were we wrong.  Wednesday night the hives worsened; Thursday morning we were shocked at my disfigurement; and by Thursday afternoon, my mom was about ready to take me to the E.R.  It was that BAD.  Thanks to the advice of our sweet family friend, Miss Penny, the nurse, we stayed home and searched for our own solutions since I wasn’t having trouble breathing.  *** Helpful Hint for Hives *** Take one Zantac and one Zyrtec twice a day! My hives were just about gone the morning after my first dose!!!


I have flirted with the notion of putting all my faith and trust in the  AmpCoil several times before now.  As much as my mom and I believe in the coil’s PEMF technology, it has been hard to let go of the path I had already begun with traditional medicines, and the Jemsek Specialty Clinic doctors working with me have been the best I’ve encountered in years.  I am so grateful for their knowledge, skill and understanding of the torment I’ve had with this disease, and I hope they will be as understanding of my need to move on from them.


I’ve been coiling since August 2017.  Although I have felt the benefits of the coil, in the back of my mind I have felt that my medicines were acting as a polar force against it.  Both protocols, antibiotics and the AmpCoil, are to help one’s health… but it seems to me that it would be difficult for the AmpCoil to help your body repair from the cellular level upwards while antibiotics are killing so many things your body needs to be healthy.  The AmpCoil has helped me through my numerous days of herxing from medications, but has it been able to effectively help me as much as it possibly could without medications infringing upon it’s abilities? 


My current plan is to coil, coil, coil.  I am cleansing every other day.  I run support journeys on the off days such as Organ Tune-Up, Nutrition, Hormone Helper and Brain Reboot.  I’m also trying to move myself forward through food, exercise, and mental work.  Although I’ve always done a decent job thinking about what foods I eat, I am now being much more aware.  I am using Medical Medium as a guide and since my decision last week to change direction in treatment, I am eating MOSTLY raw fruits and vegetables.  Medical Medium’s 28-day detox program calls for raw fruits and veggies only, and perhaps I can get to that point eventually.  Until that time, I have had some cooked vegetables here and there, and have cheated with some peanut butter on my apples or bananas.  I have set a goal for myself to be more physically active.  This is the tough for me because I am so very tired… I am going to try to do more walking (starting with around the block) and yoga.   I attended my first restorative yoga class in a very long time yesterday and it was hard for me.  I lost circulation in my arms and legs while holding the poses, but I’m hoping that with time and practice, I will improve.  Because my brain is still so foggy, it is hard for me to do mental work, but I’m planning to continue to stretch it!  I’ve been working on my music – writing, playing and singing – this always feels good. 


In the next couple of months, I am traveling back to Spain for my boyfriend’s graduation. Traveling took a lot out of me last time, but like I said before, I was so very impressed with how I did. I have a feeling being completely off of medicines and living my healthiest lifestyle, I’m going to do just as well, if not even better this time around. 


I am so very blessed to have my family support me in everything I do. Lyme, or debilitating sickness in general, is such a spiritual journey and having a support system plays such a huge role. 


Thank you all for keeping up with my story! 

I’ll post more AmpCoil updates soon!

I send Love and Light to each and every one of you. 

One thought on ““That’s It, I Quit, I’m Movin’ On” – Adele”

  1. I understand how difficult the decision can be. After about a month on the ampcoil, i decided to stop all prescriptions and was doing well. Then decided to take my doctors advice and do a ozone blood infusion, bad idea. I had a major reaction(didn’t feel like a herx) and decided it was time to just coil only. Things have been pretty good for about 4 months until i felt things plateau’d and have started bee venom therapy in conjunction with the ampcoil. Coiling to support my health and the venom therapy to help repair the damage done to my body. after about 2 months of this,So far so good.
    Keep listening to your own judgement, no one else can understand what you are feeling but you are very lucky to have the support you are receiving.

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