How Did I Do It? – The AmpCoil

(For those of you who follow my Instagram, @lymeliferevealed, I posted an update about my November 2nd appointment at the Jemsek Specialty Clinic – I will briefly summarize that for those who have not read it.)

IMG_4187 2

I’ve completed 9 months of treatment to this point and by the time my next appointment rolls around, I will have been taking hardcore antibiotics for a year.
I walked into this appointment wanting to stop all medications. I’ve been so sick and tired of being a slave to pill boxes and of feeling like a dead man walking 24/7.

Before my appointment, I had been off medicine for 2 weeks, and although I definitely didn’t feel 100%, I felt much better than I had felt in a really, REALLY long time.
After talking with Anne Walch (PA) and Dr. Jemsek himself, we decided stopping meds at this point would be premature.

Dr. J wants to attack the babesia biofilms before discussing taking a long term break from medicine. If not, I would be risking losing the progress I’ve made thus far, and all the pain and suffering I’ve gone through to be for nothing. Anne and I talked about the AmpCoil and all of the progress I’ve made during the past 3 months of using it… but while being on medicine at the same time, it’s hard to tell which is helping what. She is aware of the benefits of PEMF technology and encouraged me to continue using it daily.


While preparing to leave for my appointment in D.C., I also had to pack for 5 more days of non-stop traveling – visiting Aunt Julie in Richmond, going to a Hampden-Sydney football game, and spending time with family in Appomattox. I would have 2 days to recuperate before driving to Pittsburgh to visit a friend for 3 days before returning home to attend a 2 1/2 day Reiki class. No lie, I had been worried about these two weeks for months to come… These were all commitments that I could not avoid. I had no choice but to push through. I decided that I was not going to start taking my new Jemsek protocol until these 2 weeks were over because I was warned that the new meds would be TOUGH. After day one on the road, I had already done enough activity for 2 weeks, but I had just gotten started!


I always have a hard time sleeping, but while traveling, my problem becomes much worse. While on the road, I relied heavily on the AmpCoil “Sleep” journey. It literally made me feel like I was in such a heavy, drugged sleep.. Some of the best nights of sleep I’ve ever had.
(I found out it was best to use the Sleep journey while being physically in bed and laying down. If you use it while sitting up and watching tv or something, it doesn’t work as well or as fast.)

I was also with my family for most of this trip, and anytime I’m with them, I’m bound to get a headache! In addition, I also accidentally left some of my medicine at home. Some of my meds will leave me emotionally unstable if I just quit cold turkey, so I used the “Headache” and the “Mental/Emotional” journeys on the AmpCoil almost every day to keep myself in working order.

These pictures were taken approximately 5-10 minutes apart. I was desperately in need of a nap and a “Cleanse” journey! I knocked out 2 seconds after my head hit the pillow!

After the first week of traveling, I left home for Pittsburgh while still feeling absolutely drained from the week of events before. Every time I had a minute in the hotel room, I was coiling. From “Cleanse” journeys, to “Organ” help, I coiled non-stop.
My next test of strength came after returning home – my Reiki class. Now keep in mind, I haven’t been able to take a class or sit down in any kind of learning environment for a couple years! My cognitive issues had become too overbearing for me to even be able to read without majorly stuttering and not being able to comprehend much. Concentrating quickly leads to horrible headaches for me. But because I was very interested in this subject and stubborn about not quitting until I had at least tried, I had signed myself up for a 2 1/2 day long course from 8am to 6:30pm.
I found myself asking the same question over and over again..
“Avery, how the hell are you going to do this?”


Somehow, by the grace of God, I made it through all the traveling AND the class…. or was it the AmpCoil that saved my ass? Probably a little help from both.. but I swear the AmpCoil pushed me through the finish line.
Instead of “Avery, how the hell are you going to do this?”, it was
“Avery, you’re going to be able to do this.”

After all was said and done, I was of course exhausted from those 2 weeks, but I wasn’t any more sick than I was before. I was just tired. And I can deal with tired. How did I do it? – the Amp Coil

They say that after using the AmpCoil for 3 months, you’ll have a story. You just read mine.
I haven’t been able to do hardly anything for years. Going 2 weeks straight with one thing after the other was unheard of for me; it was a test of not only myself, but the AmpCoil too, and all it has done for me so far.

When I returned home from all of my excursions, I started my Jemsek protocol prescribed 2 weeks earlier. It was time for my body to go back to war, and since then I’ve definitely been struggling, but not as much as I did on the last protocol, and definitely not as much as I think the doctors expected me to struggle. The round of meds is stepped up from last time and I was warned it would kick my ass. Again, thanks to the AmpCoil, although I have been sick, I am getting by!


Here’s the thing. I’m suffering from Post-Sepsis Syndrome.
Post-sepsis syndrome is a dysregulated systemic inflammatory and immune response to microbial invasion. In other words, Lyme disease has left my body in a toxic mess and the Lyme spirochetes have left my cells susceptible to secondary infections. Like AIDS, Lyme is an immunosuppression disease. It allows other infections to become active and chronic. Tissue and organ damage (brain and gut) are my biggest problems. My stomach has always been a war zone and my brain function is still not where it should be. The AmpCoil is helping me work on these things with all of the journeys offered.

For Christmas I am leaving for Spain and will be out of the country for a little over a month. I will be stopping hardcore antibiotics before flying out and will just be taking an easy regimen to make sure I do not lose any of the progress I’ve gained. I’m also planning for the AmpCoil to travel across the pond with me to help me stay strong for all of my adventures.
Y’all stay tuned and keep up with all my AmpCoil antics!

Until next time, friends.
– Avery

Facebook: Avery Davis

Instagram: @aveedavee

Lyme Instagram: @lymeliferevealed

4 thoughts on “How Did I Do It? – The AmpCoil”

  1. Is it possible to talk to Angela or Avery about the Ampcoil? I don’t Facebook, Tweet or use Instagram. I was hoping to talk on the phone. My number is 717-304-0771.


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