Avery officially takes over “Lyme Life Revealed”

IMG_4111 Hi – my name is Avery Davis, and I, along with my mother Angela, am the initiator, creator, designer, founder, and architect of this blog and Instagram page “Lyme Life Revealed”. My mother and I together are a force to be reckoned with.. but do you know what else is?

Lyme Disease.

My rock of a mother has been there for me every step of the way through this obstacle course called “My Life” – The two of us decided that we wanted to share my story to let other Lymies, spoonies, and freaks of nature out there know that they are not alone. My body is fucked up too… So let’s get through this crazy life together.


When Lyme Life Revealed debuted, I had a hard time posting for myself. My mom took the initiative to post and put our thoughts together to inform others on my life. My trials, tribulations and experiments related to my health are all things my mom and I both thought others could learn from… especially those in the Lyme community.
It is with great honor that I come to you, un-edited and un-censored, as Avery Ellen Davis – That crazy girl who says she’s sick but doesn’t look it, mostly lays on the couch, watches shit TV, and does her very best to not disappoint her very conservative father…. but with my personality and potty mouth, that usually backfires 😉

So first off.. let me tell you a little bit about myself.


I am 20 years old. I live at home in Southwest Virginia with my very loving and supportive family.

I have an adorable dog and a very loving cat

(but as you can tell, she is not the biggest fan of fidget spinners….)


 I also have a boyfriend who is currently living in Valencia, Spain getting his Masters at Berklee College of Music.

I’m a very lighthearted, easy going person who lives to laugh, love, and listen to bluegrass music. I’ve been told that I’m the go-to person for a good laugh and if any advice is needed, I’ll give it to ya straight!


Yes, I look healthy.
Yes, I act like I’m not sick.
But guess what…

I’m not healthy… and I am sick.

I started my AmpCoil journey almost 3 months ago. They say that after 3 months, you’ll have a story to tell. I have noticed changes, but I don’t want to jinx anything….. I have a good feeling though. I really do!

I’m so excited for the next blog post to see what all I have to write about! The AmpCoil is going to do big things for not only me, but anyone who uses it!



I have just finished up my third 3 month Jemsek antibiotic protocol. It was a Babesia regimen (co-infection of Lyme disease) and I tell you what… It kicked my ass.  The effects of Babesia treatment reflect the same symptoms that I’ve had coming and going for years.  What makes things so hard is that when the medicines attack the Babesia, all the symptoms come at once:

  • lots of allergic reactions
  • ends of hair so dry it’s breaking off
  • roots of hair so oily that shampoo won’t even clean it (what do you do when the ends are dry and the roots are oily?)
  • hair loss in general
  • bad breath
  • bowel issues
  • itchy eyes
  • extremely overheated
  • returned TMJ pain
  • headaches and migraines
  • metallic taste in mouth so strong I can’t eat or drink
  • drenching sweats
  • body odor
  • proof of parasites

I go back to Jemsek November 2nd for my fourth appointment. I’m anxious to see what they’ll say.

Whether they think I can stop long term antibiotics or not, I’m going to take a break from treatment for now. I not only have a trip to Spain planned over Christmas, but I also am really interested to see what the AmpCoil will do while I’m off of the medicines that suck the little bit of life I had left out of me.

I’m praying the AmpCoil changes my life.
I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I’m one to worry about the future. I have to tell myself that everything is going to work out just fine in the end, but it’s also hard for me to stay positive sometimes.
I long for a “normal” life…
To be married to a loving husband, have beautiful, healthy kids… to be able to hold down a job while also going to bluegrass festivals and playing music every chance I get… but right now, I have a difficult time even taking a shower, let alone raising children……..                                                        *team dry shampoo all the way*

I hope to connect with you… whether you’re sick or healthy, young or old, wild and rambunctious, or calm and quiet.

Us Lymies gotta stick together!!!

In the past 3 years and 10 months, Lyme has tried to take away my happiness.
Thankfully, I come from a line of stubborn kin who don’t take no for an answer. Join me in my fight of taking back my life.

I look forward to taking over this blog and sharing more of my life and health journey with you guys.

Keep in contact with me –
Lyme Instagram : @lymeliferevealed
Personal Instagram : @aveedavee
Snapchat : aveedavee
Facebook : Avery Davis

– Avery Davis

One thought on “Avery officially takes over “Lyme Life Revealed””

  1. Hi Avery, My 27 year old daughter, Emily Davis, has Lyme. She has done almost everything but antibiotics – ozone, antimicrobials, some sauna, high-intensity PEMF, footbaths, tons of supplements, and COFFEE ENEMAS!!. She has gotten better. But not Well. We recently purchased an AMPCOIL – it is helping!! My son-in-law is a former patient of Jemsek, – another story- a good one! Will be curious to see Jemsek’s take on frequency medicine. A Lyme friend using our AMPCOIL is much better after the 30 day General Detox. Love following your story – keep posting!!! ~Robbie Davis

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