Summer Turns to Fall…

October 4, 2017

It’s been 7 weeks of coiling and 7 weeks of Babesia treatment by meds.  I would guess that many of the people who find themselves reading this can relate to how a person measures the passing of time with pill boxes taking precedence over calendars and clocks.  In so many ways, we wish away the time, bypassing the present in favor of the day when we don’t have to plan around how one family member feels and how to best manage their pain and suffering.  And once again, I have to remind myself that even the worst days should never be taken for granted and overlooked.  Since the last blog post, not every moment of every day has been lost, and in those moments Avery has experienced joy.

family pic

The past week brought an update to the AmpCoil software.  Although we have experienced some bugs in the program (that I’m certain will be worked out soon), a couple of new features have been introduced that we are happily using: a count down clock that we can see from a distance; a chime to tell us when our “journey” is complete; some new journeys; and the ability to target more than one “top hit” at a time when using the Cleanse journey.  This last function is exciting because instead of cleansing just one item at a time (i.e. spirochetes, water-borne microbes, pinworms, metal toxicity, etc.), we can now target up to 5 of these items per sitting.

Positive notes of the past few weeks:

Avery’s brother, B, seems to be feeling better in so many ways.  Our family splurged on the AmpCoil not simply because the technology sounded like it could help Avery; we felt it could help us all.  For many months, my anxiety has been extremely high because I have been witnessing the decline of B’s health.  He was exhibiting so many of the same symptoms that went unrecognized during Avery’s “pre-sickness” teenage years: daily headaches; joint pain; extreme fatigue; constant sports injuries; and sallow looking skin to name just a few.  It had gotten to a point where he was no longer telling me his problems because he knew how upset I was becoming.  To someone outside our immediate family, B looks strong and healthy, but since last winter I felt that his looks were deceiving.  I have not been directly inquiring how he feels lately because I don’t want him to think about it; I am simply observing –

B regionals
2017 Regional Golf Tournament


  • He isn’t falling asleep all the time!  He’s staying up a little later at night and is not nearly as groggy in the morning.  Last school year, B was in bed by 9pm at the latest and could not get out of bed in the morning.
  • He is studying!  B has to work hard at school, and although his teachers may think that his average grades are far from ideal, I am noticing the effort that is going into them at home.  He is actually spending time in the evenings learning, which I attribute to the fact that he isn’t falling asleep while trying to work and also has a better attention span.
  • No complaints of headache.  HUGE.
  • The dark circles around his eyes have lightened.
  • He seems to be generally happier.


Unfortunately, I do not feel that I can fairly assess Avery’s progress.  She is on the third week of Round 2 of her current medication protocol (2 weeks on – 1 week off).  I can honestly say that although taking Mepron and Artemisinin has continued to cause difficult side effects, this round was easier than Round 1; but this is probably how it is supposed to be, with or without AmpCoil usage.  I have spent a lot of time reading about how others react on this protocol, and I tend to believe that although she has had many terrible days, I don’t think they’re as bad as they could have been… but I just don’t know.  Avery is continuing to use the Cleanse journey regularly, along with the Nutrition journey (Tunes your body with nutrition essentials for nourishment and strength. Consists of Herx Help!, Nutrition Tune-Up, Primer and individual nutritional groups) and Organ journey (Chinese medicine is based on the premise that in order to balance one organ you must also balance its counterpart (yin and yang) The Organ journey tunes your organs and body systems with their unique signature for balance and optimal function.) .  The Nutrition and Organ journeys are used as supportive measures between cleanses.

floor pic

Avery has experienced some obvious positive reactions to some coiling journeys… there are times when in addition to feeling fluish, she will complain of just feeling “off” or simply “not right”.  I have come to think that during these times there is some kind of emotional imbalance.  When this occurs, we run the Positivity journey (Emotions Relief Nutritionals / Neurotransmitters, emotions, earth grounding), and since the new update we’ve also tried the Demo-Harmonizer (overall vibrational alignment, earth grounding, spinal, nutrition, chakras, nervous system, emotions, brain).  Both have been very successful at correcting whatever imbalance was present, leaving Avery calmer and feeling better.

A month from now, Avery has her 9-month appointment with Dr. Jemsek’s office, and we have decided at that time to request to take a break from treatment.  We have felt their babesia protocol has been needed and probably has been quite effective, and because of this we decided to continue using the medications even though we instead wished we could allow our AmpCoil to do all of the healing work.  Avery has an enormous adventure planned for the month of January, and we do not see how continuing meds during this time will be feasible.  We hope that the months of October, November and December will bring healing that will allow her to take the trip of a lifetime.

Up next… Avery is ready to share her own point of view… a post from her perspective coming up soon!

One thought on “Summer Turns to Fall…”

  1. Thanks for sharing. So very well written it allows the reader to feel the nuances of this journey. Love you guys ❤️❤️


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