It’s Here!!! AmpCoil arrives.

AmpCoil sends an email when your package has shipped, and the introductory email I had first received stated a 3-6 week time period for arrival was to be expected.  Our AmpCoil shipped just before the 3 week mark and was delivered yesterday!  See the energy beams from the sun glowing?!?  Bring on the energy!!!

Set up was as simple as promised and we began using AmpCoil last night.  Because Avery is out of town and our son, B, was busy with golf practice and homework, I started with myself.  The voice recognition software indicated my main toxin as Candida, which was not a surprise.  This finding confirmed a recent hair analysis I had done.  I set everything up, sat on a comfortable couch and began the 60 minute Cleansing program.  After a few minutes, I began to doze off – kind of a hazy, “drug-like” sleep – it was a lovely feeling.  My husband, Bev, used the voice analysis later in the evening.  His main toxin was listed as mycobacteria, and interestingly, his main organs of concern were heart/small intestine – both things that have been on our radar in the past.  He too completed a 60 minute Cleansing program during which he fell right asleep.


Check out the cool logo projected onto the ceiling –


Bev and I are both pretty healthy, so we aren’t looking for major changes, but I am curious to see what effects we may experience over time.  I did find it intriguing that both Bev and I were so quickly lulled to sleep; and even more intriguing was that Bev slept well without getting up to take his Lunesta.  He said he woke up around 3am, but was able to go back to sleep after a short time!

B will start coiling tomorrow, and Avery – the real test – will be home this weekend to begin!!!

6 thoughts on “It’s Here!!! AmpCoil arrives.”

  1. Angela,
    I am fascinated by this Amp Coil and I pray it gives healing to Avery!
    Lyme’s is such a nasty disease!
    Thanks for sharing your personal story! 😘🙏


  2. What a story, Angela! Thanks for sharing because I had no idea. Just to think, I thought Avery finally discovered it was Lyme’s Disease, took an antibiotic, and was back to normal. We will be praying for continued healing for all of you. We love and care for y’all so much. I know it’s been a hard journey. I am liking the Amp Coil! I’m thinking I may need one!
    Love, prayers and hugs,


  3. How’s crazy– I see Jemsek also and I, too, am looking into the AmpCoil. I really hope this is what we’re all hoping it will be. Lyme is being more vicious to me than ever before and I can’t tell you how relieved I would be to receive some relief from my home. Glad to see that you and your daughter are finding this while she’s young. I turn 28 tomorrow and I truly feel like I missed out on 23-26. And now I’m starting treatment all over again– it’s a shame to be stuck on the sidelines. I’ll be following along to see how this goes for your family. My mom has all the same emotions that you express in these posts and something makes me feel like I came across this blog for a reason.


    1. I’m sorry that I’m just seeing and responding to your comment. Avery and I have had so many “God Winks” during our journey and we truly believe that everything happens for a reason. You finding us is a wink for you too – may we all be blessed by it!


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