Awaiting AmpCoil


After 3 1/2 years of being sick and many, many days spent alone in bed and on the couch, Avery is experiencing moments of relief – not normality, but some relief.  As a mom, the days have passed so slowly at times.   Over the years, I have spent my days on edge at work ready for Avery to call me (often many times a day) to tell me of the latest sci-fi worthy Lyme manifestations.  I have spent enough research hours online to earn at least a couple more degrees.  I have rationalized the money spent thus far as money we would have spent anyway for Avery’s college education… she is being educated, just in a far different manner than her peers.  I have forgone my own friends and social events to spend time being Avery’s friend… her few friends from high school are away living life.  Our family dynamics have been strained… one kid getting too much attention takes away from the other kid and the husband.  With all the stress of a sick family member, gray hairs and wrinkles have emerged, but the positive clarity of what really matters in life prevails.

Avery has completed six months of Dr. Jemsek protocols (of hopefully only 18 months).   We make our 3rd trip to Washington, D.C. next week.  Of the dozens of pills she takes throughout each day, the last nine weeks of meds included four different antibiotics and three anti-parasitics.  Because Avery has seen some improvement, my mood has been somewhat lightened, but I guess I’m greedy – I’m NOT SATISFIED.  I want my kid well, and I want her well NOW! (~Veruca~)  I have questioned the use of long term antibiotics in Avery’s case.  I know it’s helping presently, but in so many cases I’ve read about, relapse occurs when the meds are stopped.  My desire to “kill, kill, kill” the Lyme spirochetes has become tempered with the more positive mentality of wanting to rebuild Avery’s immune system – the immune system that was hijacked years ago by environmental and vaccinated toxins (I have a hatred for Guardasil), providing a happy home for the bugs that torment her organs now.  If the immune system is repaired, shouldn’t it be able to fight off the bad stuff?

Just a few weeks ago, I had decided that the thing to do was to send Avery to receive stem cell treatment.  I researched and talked with facilities and doctors, and chose a German hospital where I planned for her to travel this winter after completing nine months of antibiotic protocols.  I think stem cell therapy is promising.  It is also incredibly expensive.  A very nice, new car expensive.  Private college tuition expensive.  But if this investment returns a broken body to a state of health – who cares???  I was almost ready to bite the bullet, but something was holding me back.

Because of my worry concerning antibiotic damage and Avery’s immunosuppressive state, part of my research these past months has been into alternative therapies that could be used in conjunction with Jemsek’s treatment… IV ozone, IV hydrogen peroxide, Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, high dose IV vitamin C, light therapy, infared saunas, rife machines, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, biomagnetic pair therapy, etc. While studying the pros and cons of these things, a common theme emerged before me – energy healing. Avery has been seeing two “energy healers” since early spring of this year and loves it; one practices Reiki and the other Shiatsu. To the regular healthy soul, receiving energy from someone sounds pretty kooky; but to the ones in need who are receiving it, it is a lovely feeling. This energy theme and the “God winks” Avery and I had been experiencing since beginning energy treatment felt divine. The most recent wink came a few weeks ago, just as I was ready to commit to stem cell treatment in Germany… the AmpCoil.

Avery had shown me the AmpCoil several months ago – too good to be true, I thought – I wrote it off in my mind as a hoax. For the many desperate people out there like us, there are hoaxes everywhere! The AmpCoil presented itself to me again recently on our LymeLifeRevealed Instagram feed, and this time I felt differently about it. It’s energy! We love energy! The science behind healing energy sounds reasonable! This time, I decided to delve into the AmpCoil and I began making phone calls. The people I spoke to – Mara, Jordan, Alex and Marjorie – told me what I hoped to hear. The AmpCoil worked for them. It was bringing relief of symptoms, it had brought wellness from years of sickness, it was something that had changed lives… too good to be true??? How would I ever know if I didn’t try it? Sold.

Now, we wait. Will the AmpCoil change our lives? Will it bring Avery back to a healthy, productive lifestyle? Can it keep the rest of us well too? Praying that it will and that it arrives soon…


2 thoughts on “Awaiting AmpCoil”

  1. Just found your blog on Google. I too am seeing Jemsek and have been wondering the same thing. I’ve been cautiously checking into ampcoil. Interested in your experience.


    1. Thanks for reading and reaching out! My last year has been hard, but so have the ones before that – I’m in a better place now than I was before Dr. Jemsek and I hope to continue improving by rebuilding my immune system. I hope you too are seeing positive effects from treatment, although I know it’s hard to see anything positive when you’re in the midst of it. Stay strong and stay in touch!


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